This Is A First


Have you ever come across a door in a public place not on the hinges?  WELL, I DID! I came across this door at a hotel we were staying at in Florida.  It tempted me to try and open it to see if the lockset was actually holding this door shut!! Looking at the picture, there is no hinge holding the top part of the door to the frame. For all I know this door could have just been laying up against the frame.  This is obviously a fire code violation and a major safety issue, but think about the message this is sending to your guests…ME!  Do you think we are ever staying here again?  The hotel was great, but when you see little things like this it gets your mind wondering.  Yes the rooms and public areas look great and are updated, but what about the fire suppression system? Is the electrical work up to code?  What happens in an emergency and you have to go through more doors like this?  I’d like to say it amazes me when I see things like this, but it doesn’t anymore.  I’ve seen issues like this in the headquarters of major corporations, colleges, etc.  

PLEASE PLEASE don’t be this company, give Queensgate Hardware a call and we can fix issues like this really fast and on budget.


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