What else are you missing in your business?

As you’ve probably seen in my blogs in the past I’m on high alert when I enter the bathroom of a business.  Typically it’s to see if they are in need of our help or there’s anything new that I’ve not seen before.  Many times I just end up disappointed by what I see.  

I’m always amazed at the lack of attention to detail that many businesses have.  Everything you do in your business is a direct reflection on your brand, products and staff.  Surveys show that consumers choose not to buy from companies many times when they have the best products because they don’t address all of the customers needs.  

I’ll set the scene for you. These pictures were taken on a Monday morning at 9am at a VERY big national chain coffee shop.  It’s a 1 person bathroom with very little floor space.  It’s not a hard space to maintain, it would take a minimal amount of time.  Yet here we are on a Monday morning with a dirty mirror, really dirty garbage can, even dirtier toilet top and an empty toilet cover dispenser.  EVERY business should have a process for either ending the day or starting the day and it should include cleaning and stocking your restrooms.  When I see this I wonder what other steps were skipped. Did they clean the coffee makers, did they check the dates on their perishables and are employees handling food correctly.

Don’t spend years building a great brand only to break it down with bad cleaning practices.




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